Some say it was an accident, others say it was faith, I say OUCH


They said I was dead, flat-line, for 27 minutes during which I felt the strongest orgasm I have ever felt in my life and  I was everywhere in both time and space simultaneously. There is no death as we've been told by society, death is only the cessation of physical limitation,  when the soul becomes free of the bondage that is the body.

So now I need your help in business, as partners...

My brain and your body,  deal?

I can obviously no longer get in my car and go meet people and look at properties so if you do that part then I will coach you through the rest.

And remember, when I die you'll keep the knowledge which will last a lifetime and passed on to your children, and their children.

This business will never ever go away and is recession proof.

In fact, the worse the economy is the better the business gets,

Cool huh?

I'll even start you out with a $10,000.00 signup bonus as a
shameless bribe to be coahable and do exactly as I say