VALUED AT OVER $100 TRILLION? Below is a complete list of Rothchild owned and controlled banks in alphabetical order: I BET $1 YOUR COUNTRY IS ON IT 🙂 Simply put, if your country has a CENTRAL BANK… then it`s owned by … Continue reading


I`M THE GUY THAT WILL MAKE YOU A SUCCESS MY NAME IS DARIO PUSH The only antidote against MY WARNING is RESULTS  I`ve been known for being quite strict once ¨in motion¨ doing Super High Intensity Training which is serious business because YOU EARN WHILE YOU LEARN… ON LIVE DEALS, capisce? THEREFORE THERE IS ZERO TOLERANCE WITH MISTAKES, FUCKING UP SIMPLY NOT ALLOWED, CAPISCE? Ringleader, drill sergeant, and General I`ve been called in nasty ways by those that could not keep up with my pace, I FOCUS ON RESULTS, I don`t care if you spent time, TIME IS IRRELEVANT, time don`t even exist (like money), only … Continue reading DARIO PUSCH?