Case(s) Victory and 2013 Pre-Launch?

Dear Friend, Dario Busch here, just letting you know that:

1) After 6 months in jail (on 24 hour lock-down, mostly isolated, repeatedly denied counsel and medical attention, human, civil, & Natural rights violated (almost killed),

2) 5 additional months on ankle bracelet on house arrest at my ex-wife's house,

3) 5 additional months of basic status quo stressing over the idiocracy of my case,

the 3rd (and last) bogus case against me (in which I was facing 7 years in jail) has now also been dismissed pre-trial.

How cool is THAT? 🙂

One time... may be luck... two times... maybe coincidence... but three times?

Yes, just like in the (already dismissed) 1st and 2nd bogus cases against me (where I was facing 60+ years), I am;

  1. not on probation nor parole,
  2. not working for or with any law enforcement or government agency
  3. not going to jail

Here is a link to a a copy of all dismissals:
[kasviewer type="iframe" url="" width="800" height="600" thumb="thumbnails-image-url" text="" title="Thank You All That Helped Make This Possible" group="group"]
(Problems opening this link? Open a new tab or window and paste the link into the address field)

And I did not even have to file a motion to dismiss in any of these 3 cases (wicked?).

So... obviously... as I have said repeatedly...

All the negative BS that I was charged with plus all of what was put up on the internet (and sadly remain to be up) by those idiots for the purpose of maliciously slander me out of business can't be true... am I wrong?

If any of the irrelevant negative BS you may google out about me worries you, please contact me, I would hate to see you miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime just because some idiot posted some negative BS about me on scam or rippofreport... ok?

Point blank... it all boiled up to all that happened... and here are the results.

This nightmare is over... Cool huh? (The Truth Has Set Me Free)

Why is Creating Free Green Technologies and Speaking The Truth so dangerous?

BTW: Roy Stang's cases got settled pre-trial too (He will tell you about it “I'm sure)

Thank You All that came together beautifully in helping me prevail.

Much Love... Peace...

And now... just a quick reminder that:

1) Your Masters have a vision for you, they give you their vision through the TELL-A-VISION and PROGRAM you with PROGRAMMING (duh?).

2) Everything we believe in and trust we have gotten from the TV or from blind trust (hearsay - not researched nor questioned).

3) The Law is just Words written on paper, and with those words, our Masters fool us and rule us.

It has been over one year from hell for me... but now that “that is over”...

1) It is time for you and me to rock n' roll.

2) What doesn't kill you makes you stronger?

3) And now you know “what is what”... you know “what is what”... LET'S DO IT!

And yes... we will discuss my cases in detail later on... in “Juris-Jitsu class”...