When what is known by many as "The Knock of The Spirit" happens for a whole (huge) group of people simultaneously, it is known as "The Cry of the Eagle"??? 

As Theun Mares, Toltec said it, "cosmic law dictates that the Knock of the Spirit cannot be sounded until man is convinced that he has his back to the wall and that the sword is dangling overhead, for human nature is such that unless man is desperate, he will not risk everything on an impulsive decision taken in the moment.  The decision to follow the Spirit, the Eagle, must be completely spontaneous and unconditional, for this is the way in which power has set it up.  When the moment comes, there can be no arguing or hesitation.

Already humanity has worked itself into an uncompromising corner, and perhaps even as you read these words you will have come to acknowledge the fact that the sword is now well and truly dangling overhead.  Once humanity has come to realize this it will have the opportunity to go with the Eagle, or to stay where it is — the opportunity to use its knowledge and ability to build a bright new world, or to stay upon its present course of self-destruction.

The decision is humanity’s alone, and no one is going to force it into making a particular decision, except that a decision either way will have to be taken.  Many will opt to go with the Eagle, and no doubt many in their stubbornness would choose to remain where they are.  This will bring about the final but necessary separation.  Friends, family members, men, women and children from all walks of life will stand divided as they choose which way to go.  This division, sad as though it may be, is the very same problem that the ancients have recognized as continuing to exist ever since the great split in the days of Atlantis.  Now, however, humanity must bring this problem to a conclusion.

Those who choose to go with the Eagle will find themselves catapulted into a totally new and radical level of awareness — an awareness which will enable them to see and understand things in a way which has hitherto been beyond their capabilities.  With this new perception and understanding they will clearly see the way humanity is destined to walk and, acting upon this new knowledge, they will begin building a new world.

The tide of evolution cannot be stemmed, and the forces of destiny cannot be avoided.  Everyone will have to choose.  The only thing that remains to be seen is how many will choose to follow the Eagle, and how many will choose to stay.  As has already been stated, no one can interfere at this point, for the decision is humanity’s alone, and thus every man and woman must decide for him or herself.

May the forces of Light be strong enough so that as many as possible would choose to go with the Eagle.  It is best to avoid trying to express what the consequences of a wrong decision will be, for the darkness which will result is of such an enormous, such a grotesque and ancient nature, as to be beyond description or imagination.

Let us and therefore rather focus upon the Light instead and set our intent upon a new world in which peace and plenty will bring harmony to all life upon our wonderful and breathtakingly beautiful planet.  Let us decide to take heart and courage for never before the history of life upon Earth have the stakes been so high, and never before has the opportunity for humanity been so awesome."