Eustace Mullins (research/history)?

Eustace Mullins was ¨the most dangerous man in the world¨ according to FBI director Hoover. He found out too much that people in power would prefer to remain hidden so they could continue their dirty work unhindered (another one ¨reporting the truth and fighting government corruption¨ that suffers an alleged ¨stroke¨ and consequently gets ¨drugged down¨, huh?). Eustace Mullins describes the FBI's persecution in his book "A Writ for Martyrs." The FBI-files are full of blacked out parts, showing the governments utter contempt for people's right to know the crimes against humanity especially against those requesting the information it is guilty of & tries to escape prosecution - which is the act of cowards! They may escape their rightful punishment in this age, as the government is the best organised criminal organisation because it also owns the courts, but soon God will judge all the devils seeds and throw them into eternal fire! Matthew 13: 24-50; Revelation 21:8