The STRAWMAN, what a fact, or is it fiction? 🙂

The corporate ``YOU`` and the Flesh and Blood ``You``?

ByLiening their STRAWMAN You are in "First Position"?

WARNING: This is usually “too weird” for people to grasp… at first… but “FREEDOM” motivates… The purpose of this manual, aside showing you the proper way to do it, is to deterr you from doing it as it will not make you a sovereign... If you want to become a sovereign, use the instructions in SOVEREIGN instead, ok?


Some people see this as a form of ``Sovereignty`` but it is not so, liening their STRAWMAN constitutestresspasson government property so it`s not advisable to do so? (plus filing anything into their record makes it subject of government jurisdiction)

Here is "how the STRAWMAN `` patri-ot nut-job mythology theory goes".

You hold the claim, the superior claim, if any Government or CORPORATION wants to lien your STRAWMAN, they must pay your claim (lien) off first.

  2. “Living Persons” (people), exist in a real world.
  3. “LEGAL PERSONS” (corporations) exist in a fictional world.
  4.  Governments, Corporations, Agencies, FICTICIOUS CORPORATIONS, etc. are examples of a LEGAL PERSON.
  5. LEGAL PERSONS can only deal directly with other LEGAL PERSONS (agencies, states, etc.)
  6. LEGAL PERSONS can not deal directly with “Living Persons” (You).
  7. In order for a LEGAL PERSONS to deal with “Living Persons”, there must be “a connection, a go-between”.
  8. To establish “a connection”, a FICTIONAL LEGAL PERSON was deceitfully created by the government.
  9. For that purpose, your lawful name of birthright was fraudulently replaced with a LEGAL NAME.
  10. Your name in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS is not “you, the living flesh and blood person”.
  11. Your name in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS is the STRAWMAN (a fiction – just “make belief”).
  12. This was accomplished without your knowledge by using your birth certificates as the MCO.manufacturer’s certificate of origin) and the state in which you were born was used as the “port of entry”. (Admiralty Law - watch the video).
  13. The artificial person created by law a with Your Name in ALL-CAPITAL LETTERS is the STRAWMAN.
  14. This fraudulent act gives Government a LEGAL PERSON with whom to deal directly.
  15. The LEGAL PERSON has “Your Name”… but… in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.The “LEGAL PERSON” is their “STRAWMAN” which you are a mere administrator of.
  16. Legally, since Your birth, their STRAWMAN has been considered a debt slave and you are the administrator of the debt slave.
  17. Under such a fraudulent arrangement, You volunteer to take responsibility for the STRAWMAN.
  18. The STRAWMAN is under government jurisdiction.
  19. You are not under government jurisdiction, unless You volunteer to answer for the STRAWMAN by foolishly “representing the STRAWMAN (YOURSELF) in court.
  20. When You distinguish yourself as another party than the STRAWMAN, the two are separated.
  21. You can distinguish yourself from the STRAWMAN in ONE DAY FLAT by filing a UCC-1 Financing Statement with a Security Agreement (use the templates)
  22. Filing a UCC-1 Financing Statement does 3 things for You.
    a) - First, gain limited control over the funds in the account. This allows You to also move entries, figures, & digits … for Your benefit.
    b) – You can become the holder in due course of their STRAWMAN.
    c) - You have a $100 BILLION DOLLAR LIEN on their STRAWMAN (the lien is “the thing”)
  23. The filing the UCC-1 Financing Statement gives You virtual ownership of their STRAWMAN.


Well... it should be... and when you are promised to have an unlimited amout of funds available once you lien (or capture) the styrawman... I have seen people do ANYTHING. In fact, I "liened their STRAWMAN with $100 BILLION in silver but I am glad now I never wrote a "bond" or tried to argue me being the "Secured Party" in court or I would be in prision right now.

Here comes the kicker...

The following makes "UCC Gurus" hate my guts and destroys the entire STRAWMAN MYTHOLOGY, but, I don`t care, I prefer to keep you out of jail.

  1. The UCC is copyrighted! Yes, the UCC is copyrighted, which means if you use the UCC in legal arguments you can be charged with copyright infringment (using without a license).
  2. The STRAWMAN is real, but it is not your's, it is theirs. The Government owns the STRAWMAN and you are just the "Administrator" who "Ministers" the account for the Government. Liening the STRAWMAN constitutes tresspass on somone else's (the Government's) property.
  3. By filing into the Secretary of State's office, or any Government Office, you are simply agreeing to their authority while making you a subordinate to that authority... how is that Sovereignty?

Now...If after I told you what I just told you... you still want to lien their STRAWMAN...  (FOOLISH... BUT YOU HAVE THE LAS WORD)

  1. Read the overviews, watch the videos (bottom of pages) and read the documents at least twice. I suggest you use ReadPlease to read through the templates, aside the robot-voice, it does a great job. You will discover the STRAWMAN and better understand “the fiction” (The Matrix?).
  2. Personalize (PERSONALIZE = Highlight, Copy, & Paste into OpenOffice & edit highlighted info (minor editing required?) the 1) - ucc-1 template and 2) - security agreement Templates and Print 3 copies. (Make 3 ORIGINAL COPIES - One for the Recorder of Deeds and 2 for you).
  3. Sign your Personalized 1) - ucc-1 template and 2) - security agreement with blue ink in front of a Notary and File them with your local Recorder Of Deeds (And upload them on the Internet).