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revolution fistIt is easy to be wrong in a righteous world but untollerable  to be right in a world full of wrong?

People with no conciousness and/or vision (well adjusted and/or dependant to today`s SICK society) often criticize me for my constant complaining about and relentless trying to fix every aspect of today`s brutal, violent, unfair, selfish, and competitive society so they ask me the obvious question: ``what is the solution Dario?`` and my answer is always the same: What is required is not a new government, new court laws, a new monetary system, sovereignty, new bullshit lies, or a new religion. What is required is a Revolution, but not an armed Revolution as history proves that armed revolutions only bring destruction, sorrow, and further separation of the family of Earthlings. What is required is a true Revolution, more specifically, a Revolution in Consciousness where we no longer ``shit where we eat``. It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” - Jiddu Krishnamurti


A Revolution in Consciousness?

Today, the world is in trouble morally, politically, economically, and environmentally. Corrupt people hold positions of power, Citizens are taxed beyond reason, and riches are amassed by an elite that controls the world. We are destroying the planet, creating economical/social despair, and forgot all about our conscious selves.


Therefore, we are not talking about a simple ``reform`` but we are talking about a Revolution, a Revolution in consciousness, where education is not manipulated by programming/indoctrination to push a political/religious agenda and it is understood that sex, race, money, power, status, and specie differences, because there are such obvious visible and invisible differences, have historically been used as primary excuses for organizing the world inhabitants, Earthlings, into superior and inferior groups and into the cheap labor in which our current unconscious society still depends. We are talking about forming a new society where there are no ``positions`` aside those chosen and/or earned, we are really talking about Earthlingism and quality of life for all inhabitants of the planet, for all Earthlings without exception.  A Society where the current polluting resource depleting technologies such as water and power are replaced by free and clean alternatives currently in existence.

What do I mean with ``Humanity?

Humanity in the sense of ``Earthlings`` of all species in unified compassion, empathy, and understanding. Where greed, competition, and selfishness no longer exists. A society of abundance where monetary systems are no longer required because all global resources are equally divided amongst the global population which will give every single one a ``multi-millionaire`s lifestyle`` in today`s monetary standards (just take the total global wealth and divide it equally by the total population and you`ll say WOW). A society where Earthlings are all equal and not ranked by wealth, sex, race, specie, or political status. A society comprised of a community rather than a hierarchy where selfish individualism is not the driving force. A community where the ``mine concept`` is overpowered by the ``ours mentality``. 

We are really talking about consciousness?

Consciousness in the sense of understanding that all actions cause a positive or negative reaction in all aspects of creation without exception. Creation in the sense that all living beings are born, have feelings, and physically die although energetically live forever. A society not ruled by laws but by consciousness and Karma. Karma in the sense of ``what goes around comes around`` and all things have its equal opposite and we consider the opposite reaction before causing it.

What kind of Consciousness?

A consciousness that clearly understands the dangers of reckless actions and inactions leading to the violation of Karma. A consciousness of the reality that energy merely have a human, animal, or plant experience and energy is all there is. A consciousness fully aware that all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration, that we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively, that there is no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves.

Is this not hard to achieve if not impossible?

We are not looking to do what I outlined herein because it`s easy, but we are going to accomplish it because it`s hard and worth it for everyone directly and /or indirectly involved, but it will take some sacrifices such as overcoming the selfish, competitive, violent human nature of mankind which has historically caused pathetic devastation, separation, and grief.  Therefore, as I said above, we don`t need a new government, a new monetary system, a free society, sovereignty, or a new religion to accomplish this, all we need is consciousness, you, and me. And if not now, then when, and if not us, then who?

So, are you ready for the Revolution?

Much Love… Peace,

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