“Sam”, “Freedom Guru”, BITES THEIR DUST?

The *famous* “I am: Sam” Davis...

 another celebrity “Freedom Guru


(fundamentally flawed)


... shared by...


Yes, it is hard to accept FACTS when they SHRED BELIEF SYSTEMS (political/religious)

I know of Sam Davis and Shrout and Keating and Menard and all the other “Freedom Gurus” preaching the same fundamentally flawed BELIEF SYSTEMS, even Milt’s is flawed beyond recognition (although beautiful).


And yes, I know “ALL THEIR STUFF” very (extremely) well (my “curse” is to, repeating the process 3 times, pick everything apart and put it all back together again). Their theories, methods, belief systems are roman-tic, patri-otic, NOT AT ALL “AGAINST OR ADVERSE TO ME (Dario)”, It would be nice if they were correct so many times it hurts (really), but their BELIEF SYSTEM is so FUNDAMENTALLY FLAWED (sorry) that their “entire thing” (claim, argument, method, BELIEF SYSTEM) simply CRUMBLES AND IMPLODES ON ITSELF LIKE THE TWIN TOWERS DID (crashes and burns).


Absolutely. A FUNDAMENTALLY FLAWED BELIEF SYSTEM can TAKE YOU TO PRISON (Historically, it has gotten MILLIONS KILLED), and if that FUNDAMENTALLY FLAWED BELIEF SYSTEM (no matter how “beautiful” it is to you) SIMPLY DON”T WORK AS CRIMINAL DEFENSE and MUCH LESS TO “MAKE A CHANGE FOR THE BETTER” or MAKE THE DREAM A REALITY, why in the world would you do ANYTHING resembling “THAT TYPE OF ESOTERIC STUFF” just because “it sounds good to you”, “it agrees with YOUR BELIEF SYSTEM, and “the download or video (or whatever information delivery medium) they offer is “free”?


Look My Friend, I have been following all the “Freedom Gurus” for years (Their students are lead heaven (a smorgasbord) of prospective “Devil’s Advocacy” and “Juris-Jitsu” clients and most contacted become), I have been debating and discussing and indulging and sometimes receiving (super nasty) hate mail (and radio show interruptions) from angry “Freedom Guru Students” who’s BELIEF SYSTEMS I apparently CRUSHED with a one sentence “FINDINGS OF FACT AND CONCLUSIONS OF LAW”. I have been observing THEIR INSANITY (kind of fun?) while “throwing in lifesavers and oxygen tanks” while getting many out of “the water” and safely “ashore”.


Under-stand THIS FACT(s): They have to make an example of him, period, and “I am: Sam” (of course) used EVERYTHING HE HAD IN HIS “FREEDOM DOCUMENTS ARSENAL” (which he used to teach Nationwide) to defend himself (duh?). But behold, NONE OF HIS STUFF WORKED? Why is THAT? Because “THAT” STUFF” DON’T WORK, PERIOD (no Freedom Guru’s Stuff works). What, you think “the other Freedom Gurus are ANY BETTER? Allow me to “smile” My Friend… THREE TIMES PLEASE 🙂 🙂 🙂


“tens of thousands of Americans who have declared themselves sovereign citizens above the government's jurisdiction and not obligated to pay taxes. The movement's members have tried over the years to disrupt and overthrow government and other forms of authority by using "paper terrorism" tactics”



“Davis accepted responsibility for his actions, but they contended that his belief system landed him in trouble with the law”.

So THEREFORE, the lesson on Sam’s (sad) story (my opinion) is:



THE LAW is THE LAW (sad but true) and WE NEED YOU OUT HERE “ON THE OUTSIDE” (not in prison or on probation) HELPING US “WAKE PEOPLE UP” AND “EDUCATE THE MASSES” on how to control (and eliminate) the undue influence of the Banking, Medical, and Military Industrial Complexes (the holy trinity, THE BIG THREE) and MAKE CHANGE COME PEACEFULLY, OK?

BTW: Sam’s charges are irrelevant,

“they” can charge you with anything if you are against “them”, anything, it’s called a “setup” or “frame”. And remember (using the first letter in each word, standard “in your face” code used allover), “The Restore America Plan” spells to “T.R.A.P.” (How can smart people not see THAT right in front of their faces? How can someone not see hidden code? And none of them even watched their backs for "en-T.R.A.P.-ment" huh? CRAZY STUFF? (HOT TIP: How many FRESH HOT FREE LEADS for Juris-Jitsu do you have just in THAT T.R.A.P. My Friend? And how many more TRAPS are there on the Internet? WAY TOO MANY, HUH?) And you can easily find them Online FOR FREE? And then SNOWBALL IT HARD SYSTEMATCALLY? (If you are coachable, please be).

PS: Sad thing is:

I looked at Sam’s case online (Sam NEVER contacted me), and if Sam’s case was my case (if I was in Sam’s shoes), I could have Juris-Jitsued and “DONKEY KICKED THE HELL OUT OF THAT CASE” (could have “KILLED IT”) (Kind of like I did with the 3 super heavy bogus crim-in-al cases “they” threw at me simultaneously?). Again, saddest thing is, Sam NEVER contacted me (pride?). Here is a copy of the article on Sam’s GUILTY PLEA and conviction so that you know I’m not “blowing hot air” or “slandering Sam” (who’s primal intention to “Make The (American) Dream a Reality” I deeply share (as you know) and greatly respect while understanding that “Sam (and most other Freedom Gurus out there, even those now in jail) simply TRIED TO DO THE RIGHT THING but went about it THE WRONG WAY:

Start copy of news article >>>>>

Judge sentences anti-government leader to prison


Posted: Oct. 27, 2011 | 1:13 p.m.

Samuel Davis, a reputed national leader in the anti-government "sovereign citizens" movement, was sentenced Thursday to 57 months in federal prison for his admitted role in a $1.3 million money laundering scheme.

U.S. District Judge James Mahan also ordered Davis to serve three years of supervised release after he gets out of prison and pay $95,782 in restitution to the government. Davis has until Jan. 31 to surrender to prison officials.

Davis, 57, pleaded guilty in the money laundering scheme in March without a plea agreement days before his trial was to start. His co-defendant, Shawn Rice, a self-proclaimed attorney and rabbi, is a fugitive.

Both men were indicted in March 2009 after a three-year undercover FBI investigation into activities of the sovereign citizens in Las Vegas.

Agents assigned to the Southern Nevada Joint Terrorism Task Force had infiltrated the group, which taught its anti-government leanings to a nationwide following out of a local print shop.

Davis, who lives in Idaho, is among tens of thousands of Americans who have declared themselves sovereign citizens above the government's jurisdiction and not obligated to pay taxes.

The movement's members have tried over the years to disrupt and overthrow government and other forms of authority by using "paper terrorism" tactics, intimidation, harassment and violence, law enforcement authorities say.

Davis, who once referred to himself as "I am: Sam" in court documents as a symbol of his refusal to recognize the establishment, has been described by authorities as a national leader of the movement who travels around the country teaching its ideology.

In court Thursday, both Davis and his lawyer, Todd Leventhal, said Davis accepted responsibility for his actions, but they contended that his belief system landed him in trouble with the law.

Leventhal also argued that FBI agents baited Davis in the money laundering scheme, getting him to take the "poisoned fruit."

Davis told Mahan he considered himself a family man who has devoted a lifetime to helping others.

He read a statement apologizing for what he did and asking Mahan for forgiveness.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Eric Johnson countered that the government did not charge Davis because of his views.

Davis took advantage of the "anti-government sentiment out there" and taught people how to "avoid their responsibilities to the government," Johnson said.

"He preyed on these people and profited from it," Johnson added.

In the end, Mahan handed out a lesser sentence than the 64 months that Johnson had sought because Davis has no other criminal record.

Mahan also denied a government request for a $1.3 million forfeiture judgment against Davis, saying it amounted to unnecessary additional punishment.

Mahan told Davis he wasn't being sent to prison for his views.

"That's irrelevant," the judge said. "You're charged with money laundering. The problem was that you bit, and that's why you're here today."

In court papers, prosecutors alleged that Davis and Rice, 48, who had been living in Arizona, laundered the $1.3 million for the undercover agents, who said the money had come from the theft and forgery of official bank checks.

The crimes occurred between about March 2008 and March 2009.

Davis took nearly $74,000 in fees, and Rice took about $22,000, prosecutors alleged.

When Davis entered his guilty plea in March, he alleged that FBI agents "devised a scheme of entrapment and inducement targeting (him) under the pretext of friendship, and deception of lies."

After his sentencing on Thursday, Davis said, "It amazes me that the government is in the business of creating crimes."

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