How to Disqualify a Judge?


COMES NOW, in and for the record, I, Dario Busch, under penalty of perjury and with full commercial liability, judge Amy Kinker pursuant to Rule 6.5 and/or Rule 32.07 through 32.09 et. Seq. and/or Section 545.660(3)and/or RSMo 1978 and/or Missouri Supreme Court Rule 12.06, 28 U.S.C. 144, 28 U.S.C. 455 (a)and/or 455 (b)(1) and/or the Rules Of Civil Procedure, whichever one is best applicable, because severe conflict of interest exists and in that “Judge” Kinker has severely violated her Oath of Office, which may constitute treason and fraud, appear to have committed crimes, and has denied me Due Process. The evidence is clear in and for the record (an on the web) as well as in my Affidavit of Truth filed with the court for the Insurance Commission, Supreme Court, and Grand Jury to act upon.

WHEREFORE; Amy Kinker is forever disqualified and barred from hearing any case related to Defendant. Immediately upon disqualification of any Associate Circuit Judge the cause shall be automatically assigned, by the appropriate associate division, on a random basis, to another Associate Circuit Judge without further order. If all Associate Circuit Judges are disqualified the cause shall immediately be given to the Presiding Judge for reassignment. Immediately upon disqualification of any Circuit Judge the cause shall be given to the Presiding Judge for reassignment”.

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