Sweetener is Poison?


 Sweet Misery? Watch out for "NutraSweet" People, Aspartame, "Artificial Sweetner", if you have to, eat Sugar... better yet... STEVIA. If after watching the videos below, you don't stay away from it, I don't know what else to say besides "good luck". Searle Corporation (Donald Rumsfeld, CEO) did quite a job on this one. How did they get it "through"? Money (duh?) makes it all work, and, "who knows who". The other day, I found a "sweetner" that actually said "Aspartame Sweetner" and nobody at the store had a clue what it ment. This stuff is dangerous, in almost everything, Juicy Fruit (sorry) and many other "favourites". Start reading the "contents", stay away from Aspartame?