Federal Indictment & Both State Cases – Dismissed?

As you know, the Federal Government wanted to put me in jail for 60 years, I spent 6 months in jail, and almost 5 months on ankle bracelet. I was scheduled to (finally) have an Evidentiary hearing Friday July 16th 2010 (where they see if they have enough evidence to prosecute me).


1) The Federal Indictment has been DISMISSED

2) The ankle bracelet was REMOVED,

3) I did not enter a plea of guilty, no probation/parole

So, I'm not going to jail for 60 years... cool huh?

And... basically the same happened on BOTH my State cases?

I humbly THANK ALL of you who helped

Here is a link to a a copy of all dismissals:

[kasviewer type="iframe" url="http://dariobusch.blog/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/victory-dario-busch-3-cases-dismissed.pdf" width="800" height="600" thumb="thumbnails-image-url" text="http://dariobusch.files.wordpress.com/2010/07/victory-dario-busch-3-cases-dismissed.pdf" title="Thank You All That Helped Make This Possible" group="group"]

(Above link don't work? click here)

Much Love... PEACE!

Dario Busch