The Money Manual Introduction

Money should be banned, but sadly, money is needed to survive in today's sick society

A necessary evil...

So if you ask me "how to MAKE A LOT of money".... from home... in a "conventional"yet secret way that “everyone can easily recognize” (and well respected in society today)... this is what I would suggest you do. This is education that lasts a lifetime).

All you need is 1) a computer, 2) a cellphone, and 3) THE WILL TO SUCCEED!

It doesn't matter if you don't have any money or credit, NO, it doesn't matter at all.

You can be flat broke, up to your ears in debt, and have no money nor credit.

As many already have, you can  get rich just by following the step by step 1-2-3 instructions in The Money Manual.


Learn how to get rich from someone not bull-shitting you


As you know, before I started this website and after I retired from the Investments & Consulting "game", I used to be one of those high powered Speculators/Investors/Consultants who trained countless of ELITE professionals into maximizing their efforts with minimum effort, as I did it myself.

The Money Manual is the "work-book" I used to do it. yep, this is what I used to teach with when I was "hot and heavy" in the "Game".





We were doing hundreds of deals each year for decades and helped people MAKE MILLIONS thanks to my "Super High Intensity Training".

The Money Manual's methods are always “there” for me when I need them...

These industries WILL NEVER GO AWAY.

I use them whenever I want.

1) I have no schedule,

2? I have no boss.

3) I  do what I want, when I want, and how I want


You can easily generate $5,000 to $20,000 to $100,000 to MILLIONS per deal.


Most people do think that it's impossible to make a great living from home.


  1. Some people think you need a big office to make a six to seven figure income

  2. Others think you have to "get a license or some type of degree" to profit... dumbasses 🙂

  3. That is a common misunderstanding, but both are wrong!


Toootally Wrong...


Yes, because when you know how to identify / evaluate / solve these types of common deals and even  "problems", the sky's the limit! This stuff is allover the place (It will never go away).

  1. You don't need an office

  2. You don't need good credit

  3. You don't need your cash

  4. You don't need a license

  5. You don't need to be "special"

  6. All you need is a cellphone or computer, a car (optional), and access to the web!


You don't need your cash or credit to do this?


Sounds funny huh?

But it's 100% true... you DO NOT need your money or credit to do this.

You just need the know-how in The Money Manual.

I still do this today when I'm not sending you emails, lol

That is why I don't even care if you get access to Te Money Manual today, IT'S YOUR CHOICE TO TAKE ACTION.

But I will be right here to help and support you when you do.

There is plenty of room for both you and me, the market for this type of stuff is HUGE, cannot become saturated.

From the Clinton's to Donald Trump do this using OPM and so will you.

So don't worry... YOU DON'T have to have money or credit, I never did either.

You will simply follow the instructions in The Money Manual and become a master of the "business format system".

It's all simply laid out and very easy to follow.


As easy as 1-2-3.


And best of all...


The Money Manual will not tell you any fantasy stories, nor will it promise you wealth without honest effort (that WOULD be bull).

It WILL teach you the most amazing money making and debt elimination strategies you've seen and help YOU become a powerful money-making MACHINE.


And hey... it's 100% TAX DEDUCTIBLE and
it's performance is 200% GUARANTEED!


... so if not The Money Manual... then what?...

...and if not now... then when?

Now, The Money Manual is here again!

Welcome to "The Money Manual"...

Please pay attention... because...

... your "power-training" starts RIGHT NOW!


All the BS "you expected" is gone!

My name is Dario Busch, I believe in telling things the way they are, please don't hate me... The truth is not only the best policy, but the best way to quickly show you how this works. I have taken the "mystery" OUT of the business so if you want to read BS, just get "motivated", or listen to amazing “stories”, I suggest that you pick up one of those expensive seminar packages or go to a 3 day boot-camp "in Florida".

Here, we will focus in what matters.

We will focus on how you are about to work from home and make tons of money within a business that will NEVER go away.  Once you master these concepts, you will see that there are so many opportunities out there that the trick is NOT to "FIND" them, but to ELIMINATE the ones that are not good enough for you.




1) How to: Make Money Making Friends (MLM)

By Dario Busch

2) How to: Make Money Trading Futures Like a Pro

By Dario Busch

3) How to: Make Money Flipping Real Estate with OPM

By Dario Busch

4) How to: Make Money Brokering Mortgages

By Dario Busch

5) How to: Make Money Accelerating People's Debt

By Dario Busch

6) How to: Make Money Stopping Foreclosures

By Dario Busch



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