Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)?


Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is the signature wound of the Iraq War and  a fatal stroke can hit anyone (it happened to me, but, I ''came back''). Yet the United States government is preventing veterans from accessing ''alternative therapies such as HBOT which is one of the the most effective tools for correcting brain-injury together with reflexology and ozone/oxygen therapy,which all have amazingly strong SCIENTIFIC evidence and countless of success testimonials. Attending physician on this video is Dr. Paul Harch, MD of New Orleans and he recommends HBOT highly as well as uses HBOT on his patients as you see on this video. Heck, even Doctors in ''3rd world countries'' (such as where I am at right now in South America) use HBOT on their Neuro-rehab patients (LIKE ME) daily because of it's great success, but, as with the U. S. Govern(a)ment(e), the best medical system in the world, the Swedish Royal Medical System don't even consider it because ''it is not scientifically proven'' they ignorantly claim (which is why after my 9-hour post-stroke surgery in Stockholm, I left Sweden (although I'm  a subject citizen to the Swedish King and get everything for free), I did not return to USA (where I lived for over 23 years an my children currently reside), [and instead] I ''moved my everything'' to rehab for real in South America ). What a shame for these 2 ''economic powers'' stroke and TBI victims who instead  should come to me to rehab for real, huh?


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